At Make Love With Food, we love to answer questions from our foodie friends!

How do I contact you?

We LOVE to speak with our fellow food fashionistas!  For all customer service enquiries please contact HELP (at) makelovewithfood (dot) com or call (657) 243-3663 (FOOD)

What is your returns and exchanges policy?

We want you to have the freshest  farmers market fashion available which is why all clothing is guaranteed to be free from defects for 30 days from purchase of item.  If your item is defective, please email us: 1. A photo of the defect 2. Your order number and description of defect.  If we determine your item is defective we will HAPPILY exchange or refund you.

What is your returns and exchanges address?

Make Love With Food
19749 Dearborn St,
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Are your shirts those scratchy, heavy thick and uncomfortable t-shirt styles with the scratchy collars and tags?

NO!  Currently, we only use super-soft tees from Los Angeles based manufacturer BELLA + CANVAS.  Most wholesale tees are made using carded open end cotton. BELLA + CANVAS tees are made using only 100% superior combed and ring-spun cotton fabric.  To learn about the different types of cotton used in shirts and why MLWF shirts are superior click here www.combedandringspun.com/no-coe

Where do the pictures of food come from?

Every food photo comes from the family farm that grew it with love.  For example, when you buy an avocado shirt, the avocado was chosen from 300 Hass avocados grown by Garcia Organic Farm in Fallbrook, California for it’s beauty and fashion potential.  We never use supermarket foods for our designs.

Where do the profits from sales go?

Every time you purchase a MLWF apparel, a portion of the profits are paid directly to the farmer in order to support their family farm business.  With so many variables such as droughts, pests and market conditions it is very difficult and expensive for small, family farms to stay profitable with only food based revenue streams.  By re-branding our farmer friends and adding new, creative revenue streams we create a truly sustainable agricultural business model that ensures our family farmers will thrive in the future.

How do I wash and care?

Your MLWF apparel is art, and we recommend you treat with reverence.  Turn t-shirt inside out, wash on cool and air dry.

Can I eat MLWF clothing?

Although our apparel looks and feels good enough to eat, we recommend you go to your local farmer's market for yummy, fresh food.