About Us

Nathan Donahoe Found CEO Make Love With Food

Our mission

To save family farms by covering the world with their food. We give a portion of our sales back to the farmers' market community that has given so much to us (in the form of marketing services or apparel).  

Our philosophy

Our core "foodosophy" stems from the belief that "love" is the most important ingredient in food and life. Imagine a world where all diets could co-exist peacefully and it didn't matter if you were paleo, vegan or even ate a standard American diet.  That one human being could love another no matter what they ate.  If we can focus on "love" as the most vital ingredient and celebrate the farmers and chefs who fill their food with love we can save the world! 

Our story

Hello, my name is Nathan Donahoe. I am the founder and CEO (Chief Eating Officer) of Make Love With Food®.  I am stoked you are shopping on my farmers market clothing and lifestyle website.

In 2005, I began my culinary career in Malibu as an executive health chef for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers.  When I first arrived on the scene I was appalled to find that it was common practice to feed recovering alcoholics and addicts junk food like sodas, candies and chips.  How could someone heal their body like this?

I was able to convince the owner of my facility that a diet straight from the farmers market would not only be less expensive but more healthy and satisfying for the clients.  I became the first treatment center in Malibu to ban white sugar and white flour from the menu and shop for produce exclusively from the farmers market. We noticed an immediate difference in the health and happiness of our clients and when people asked why the food was so good I would simply say "love".  

After I left the culinary world I still shopped religiously at the Santa Monica Farmers' Markets and all the family farmers I worked with became my good friends.  They would share with me these horror stories of how difficult it was for a small farm to survive; the droughts, the pests and high costs of production.  I knew that family farms were becoming extinct and I needed to do something to help them. 

One day while shopping for romanesco I had a beautiful vision. Chris  from Harry’s Berries was wearing a delicious pink Gaviota strawberry short sleeve cotton t shirts; Leti from Garcia Organic Farm was laughing in her comfy avocado women's scoopneck cotton t shirt.  But farmers weren’t the only ones rocking food fashion. I looked down the street and I saw a customer from JF Organic Farms wearing a crunchy carrot heart youth short sleeve cotton t shirt holding hands with a Fat Uncle Farms customer rocking an almond spaghetti string tank tops! 

I suddenly realized in order to make family farms truly sustainable, they needed to add fresh revenue streams that would not be affected by drought or pests.  A hass avocado may last a week or two before it gets eaten or thrown in the compost but a  hass avocado baby onsy lasts forever! If I could teach my farmers how to brand and promote the farmers markets lifestyle to the mainstream we could change the world! 

So when you buy a Strawberry Women's Yoga Sports Bra from our site, please know you aren't purchasing a regular old strawberry that I pulled from a stock photo site.  It is photo of the delicate and delicious Gaviota strawberry  from Harry's Berries that I took myself.  Our products have a story and a connection that I invite you to learn and be a part of.