About Us

MLWF Story

Nathan Donahoe Found CEO Make Love With Food

My name is Nathan Donahoe, I am the founder of Make Love With Food™ and I am very thankful that you are shopping on my farmers market fashion website.  MLWF began early one morning in 2012 at the big Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market.  I  was sampling berries when all of a sudden a magical Romanesco leapt off the Weiser Family Farms table and knocked me on the head.  All of a sudden, my vision changed and what I saw thrilled and excited me.

Chris and Monica from Harry’s Berries were wearing delicious pink Gaviota strawberry v-neck tees; Leti and Armando from Garcia Organic Farm were laughing in their comfy hass avocado crew necks, but farmers weren’t the only ones rocking food fashion. I looked down the street and I saw customers from JF Organic Farms wearing crunchy carrots on yellow hoodies holding hands with a Fat Uncle Farms customer rocking an almond spaghetti string tank top on soft cream superior combed ring-spun cotton.   

I suddenly realized that in order to make family farms truly sustainable, they needed to add fresh revenue streams that would not be affected by drought or pests.  Farmers market fashion was the missing key to preserving my favorite family farms and that is how MLWF was born.

MLWF Philosophy

After 9 years as a health chef in California and trying many different diets and foods, I realized that “love” is the most important ingredient.  Whether vegan or paleo, sometimes foodies can waste so much time arguing about food and diet. Meanwhile, our food rights are slowly being taken away.  If every foodie worked together (no matter their dietary beliefs) and agreed food grown and made with love is the most important factor in determining if that food is good and healthy, then I believe hunger would not exist in this world.   If all of these yummy ingredients and foodie fashionistas at the farmers market can co-exist so flavorfully and peacefully, then why can’t we as humans?