Goodbye for the winter orange watermelon...I will long for your SWEET embrace

It is with the same bittersweet mixture of foodie angst and relief that I welcome the end of the So Cal summer and my corresponding 3 month long farmers market binge.  During this season if it is juicy, colorful and from the farmers market I buy it, no questions asked.  Have I been known to compulsively buy farmers market delights and then give them away to complete strangers during the summer? Maybe...all I have to say is "Thank God" most of my favorite foods are seasonal or I could have a big problem.

Out of all 4 seasons, summer always produces the best food.  Last year it was Nectaplums (I still think of you, do you think of me?). Luckily this hot, Death Valley like heat wave burning it's way across Southern California coincided with my latest food obsession; orange watermelon.

orange watermelon farmers market meme

Let me repeat that in caps, ORANGE WATERMELON!!!  Yes, watermelon can be orange and it can blow your mind if you give it the opportunity. Most importantly, the only place you can find one is at your local farmers market, which I did from a lovely Hungarian mother son team at Mar Vista Farmers Market

What are the 4 reasons why I love farmers market orange watermelon so?

  1. Refreshing and sweet.  But a citrusy sweetness unlike any common red watermelon
  2. Amazing flavor.  Mix watermelon with Hawaiian mango, tangelo and you got a mouth party.
  3. Surprisingly boring and plain rind.  I love the spiritual lesson, "Don't judge a watermelon by its cover".
  4. Circulation booster!  According to a National Institute of Health study The rind has citrulline a "a natural and rich source of the non-essential amino acid citrulline [which]... has potential antioxidant and vasodilatation roles".  That vasodilatation really helped me out during this hellish, pore draining heat wave.
  5. Even orange watermelon knows "love" is the most important ingredient.  Look at the heart in it's flesh :)

    orange watermelon farmers market

    Speaking of heat waves, why do Angelenos always act surprised that the thermometer is in the 80's and 90's hot in September when every single year we have late summers?  Get over So Cal, it is called an indian summer and they happen every year in this region.

    Maybe this is the same type of seasonal amnesia that happens to Los Angeles freeway drivers when it rains and everyone loses their motor skills.  How do our foodie friends survive back on the east coast?

    I hope you enjoy my farmers market musings.  I love to hear comments below :)

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