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Lavender and Orange Watermelon Mar Vista Farmers Market October 11, 2015

Diamond Mountain Ranch Farmers Market Lavender Mar Vista Farmers Market Orange Watermelon

The early chef gets the best food at the Mar Vista Farmers Market.  Also, they avoid getting roasted alive by a Mar Vista heat wave.  We don't care if you open at 9 am if we are crispy we can't give the farmers money!

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Sharp Knives and Fancy Squash at Mar Vista Farmers Market Oct 4, 2015

butternut squash Farmers Market Gary's Knive Sharpening Knives Mar Vista Farmers Market spaghetti squash squash Sunflower

Normally I would feel  scared if I ran into someone holding a sharp knife on the street, but since it's Gary's Knife Sharpening at the Mar Vista Farmers Market I feel that weird?



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