Lavender and Orange Watermelon Mar Vista Farmers Market October 11, 2015

Diamond Mountain Ranch Farmers Market Lavender Mar Vista Farmers Market Orange Watermelon

The early chef gets the best food at the Mar Vista Farmers Market.  Also, they avoid getting roasted alive by a Mar Vista heat wave.  We don't care if you open at 9 am if we are crispy we can't give the farmers money!
Mar Vista weather heat wave
High of 88 degrees with humidity at 30%?  Nah...I don't believe in global warming.  I do believe in cooking though and that may be ironic.
Mar Vista Farmers Market sign
Help!!!  Which way do I find relief from this heat?
Orange watermelon Mar Vista Farmers Market
Do you need another reason to shop at farmers markets when they open? I purchased the last orange watermelon in Los Angeles today grown by my family of Hungarian farmers.  Bam.
Diamond Mountain Ranch Mar Vista Farmers Market .JPG
Isn't Cindy from Diamond Mountain Ranch a trooper.  We blinded her eyes for this photo.  Blogging and beauty hurts Cindy!  Thank you for your weekly sacrifices and grassfed yak bones!
What are your secret foods that you use to beat the heat?  Let us know in the comments below!

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