Sharp Knives and Fancy Squash at Mar Vista Farmers Market Oct 4, 2015

butternut squash Farmers Market Gary's Knive Sharpening Knives Mar Vista Farmers Market spaghetti squash squash Sunflower

Normally I feel fear if I run into someone holding a sharp knife on the street, but since it's Gary's Knife Sharpening at the Mar Vista Farmers Market I feel that weird?

Gary's Knife Sharpening Mar Vista Farmers Market

A really convenient service; simply drop your kitchen knives off when you arrive at the market and pick them up when you leave.  Careful, they will come back to you razor sharp!

Gary's Knife Sharpening Mar Vista Farmers Market.JPG

Oooooo....squash are in season!  Get ready for the orange, sweet delight of a "New Crop of Flavorful Organic butternut squash"!

Organic Butternut Squash Mar Vista Farmers Market

Or maybe "flavorful" squash isn't your modus operandi and you crave a gourd that is a little do you say it, "fancy"?  Mar Vista Farmers Market has got that too with spaghetti squash!

Organic spaghetti squash Mar Vista Farmers Market


Farmers Markets should also be called "Flower Markets" with their varied display of edible and non-edible varieties. But which categories do "sunflowers" fit in?  You can eat the seeds. Hmmmm....Either way, expect some beautiful sunflower shirts arriving to our online store soon!

Beautiful Sunflower Mar Vista Farmers Market

I used to go to Santa Monica Farmers Market Sunday and thought it was the best westside market on for the weekend.  But after the past year of coming to Mar Vista, I believe any farmers market foodie should make it a destination on their food bucket list.

Do you bring knives to farmers markets to be sharpened?  Do you prefer Santa Monica or Mar Vista Sunday?  I love hearing comments from my friends below :)



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