Salad greens, sticky buns, $5 orchid blossoms Santa Monica Farmers Market October 3, 2015

While about 50% smaller than the "Big Wednesday" market, the Saturday Santa Monica Farmers Market has $5 orchids aka "The Perfect Mom Gift".  Shhh...she never needs to know...

Maggie's Farm is managed by the impressive and charming Nathan Peitso.  You may know him better as the "Inventor of Wild Arugula".  Ask him to tell the story of how he came up with the name and turned one of his worst sellers into his best!

If you really hurt your mama's feelings and a couple of $5 orchids are not enough, stop by Jean-Luc, co-founder of Frog's Organic Bakery and get some sticky cinnamon buns.  I don't know why he is under the "Jean-Luc" instead of "Frog's" but being one of the first (if not the first) organic French Bakery in California is impressive enough, even for mom.

Check out the full 1080 experience at the Youtube video below.  As always, please leave comments. Have your purchased the $5 orchids?