The early bird gets the freshest food at Venice Beach Farmers Market October 2, 2015

One of Venice Beach's best kept secrets.  The Friday morning Venice Beach Farmers Market has always been my favorite markets because it is open so early; from 7am-11am.  Not only does this let me get my food and get back to work, but it also is home to this really cool sub culture of people who habitually get up before the sun rises because they are drawn to the beach.  A strange collection of dawn patrol surfers, coffee addicts and beautiful models/celebrities with  big sunglasses who must go early so nobody will recognize them (us Venice Pier rats always do).  Oh, also hung over skinny dippers who don't realize how cold the ocean really is, homeless and violent homeless.
So yes, it is pretty exciting to be part of that sub-culture!
I learned to surf in Venice Beach and quickly learned that in order to be on the best waves, I had to be on the waves the Dogtown locals weren't which were before the sun rises.  So this 7 am farmers market started right when I was leaving the cold, probably contagious Venice Pier surf break.  
forbidden fruit blueberries venice beach farmers market2
Wow! Forbidden Fruit Orchards blueberries.  HOT TIP: That big red "E" stands for "Emerald" aka the "blueberry that looks like a tire".  Fat, crunchy and sour/sweet it will shock and awe your taste buds.  Of course, the smaller, jammier Sapphires never fail to impress.  Forbidden Fruit Orchards owner must really have a green thumb; they always taste so sweet no matter the season.
japanese eggplant venice beach farmers market2
american eggplant venice beach farmers market2
Japanese eggplants are long and skinny and American Eggplants are short and fat.  I thought I could find some kind of funny, cosmic connection but failed.
tou por yia moua venice beach farmers market
These two gentlemen didn't fail!  They are the amazing family farmers, "Tou Por Yia Moua".  I believe they are Hmong and have some of the tastiest Asian and conventional product at the markets.  HOT TIP: ask for their chocolate mint. Tastes just like a peppermint patty!
I hope you enjoyed my latest market report!  Have you been to the Venice Beach Farmers Market?  Tell me your experience in the comments below.